About ONONSWITCH: Elevating Your Device Experience

ONONSWITCH specializes in crafting custom skins and wraps, dedicated to enhancing your life with stellar designs and high-quality sticker products. From smartphones and laptops to tablets and gaming consoles, our stickers not only protect your devices from scratches and dents but also provide unique customization options. ONONSWITCH offers a diverse range of design styles and themes for customization, including solid colors, anime, brands, sports, games, colorful patterns, and even oil paintings.

What are Device Skins?

At ONONSWITCH, we create premium cases and limited-edition protective skins for your smartphones, gaming devices, tablets, laptops, audio equipment, and more! Our stylish custom skins are crafted from materials on par with those used in high-end vehicle wraps, providing a perfect way to customize and personalize your devices. Unlike traditional cases, device skins offer varying degrees of protection. They adhere directly to your device, offering a thinner profile and a sleeker feel compared to bulky phone cases. ONONSWITCH skins can hide unsightly scratches, protecting your devices from daily wear and tear, new surface scratches, dents, and fingerprints. Unlike regular stickers, ONONSWITCH skins leave no annoying residue upon removal, allowing you to change your device skin as frequently as your style!

A Haven for Apple Fans

ONONSWITCH is the ultimate sticker destination for Apple enthusiasts. We offer a comprehensive range of stickers for all Apple products, from iPhones, Apple MacBooks, Air, Pro, and iMac to Apple Pencil, Apple Airtag, AirPods, Apple power bank, Apple Charger, Apple MagSafe charger, and more.

Diverse Sticker Themes

We also provide a variety of small stickers themed around your life, capable of changing your mood. Additionally, we offer furniture refurbishment stickers, wall decals, and car decals in various trendy and festive themes to adorn and transform your life.

Easy to Install, Easy to Remove

All our stickers are removable adhesive decals. While they are removable, the adhesion is strong, making large-area stickers not suitable for repeated use. ONONSWITCH skins are convenient to use, easy to remove, and leave no residue. For optimal results during installation, we recommend having a microfiber cloth, a hairdryer, or a heat gun on hand. Patience goes a long way! All our materials have built-in air channels for bubble-free application, ensuring a smooth installation. Applying heat helps make the adhesive more responsive and the material more flexible, making it easier to conform to the corners for a snug fit.

Crafted with Precision in China

All ONONSWITCH skins are manufactured in China using flexible production processes. With state-of-the-art machinery and stringent quality control, each product undergoes timely production of related die-cutting diagrams, and real devices are procured for testing to ensure the stickers fit accurately on the devices.

While guaranteeing high-quality products, we also offer competitive prices, with products shipped globally within 3 days, and free shipping for all products on the site. Global logistics typically take 6-15 days.

If you require customized devices or designs, feel free to reach out to us. We promise to meet your customization needs. Complete your one-stop shopping experience at ONONSWITCH!

Company Name: Shenzhen Sheng feng he ke ji Co., Ltd.

Address: 3D21C, jinxiu garden, guanghua, shennan road 9002, nanshan district,Shenzhen